In order to deliver effective safe and enjoyable training sessions in your role as a football coach, you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment available. High quality, durable and safe equipment is absolutely essential for player development, but knowing what’s available and what your players require can be tricky. These items of equipment should be in every local club’s inventory.

Portable football goals

The ability to set up impromptu pitches and training areas quickly and safely is essential to the running of effective training and coaching sessions. Lightweight, portable goals can often be erected and broken down in seconds. They are available in a selection of sizes, and they have both free-standing and rooted designs. Whether you want a ‘fun goal’ for futsal or a full-size goal for free-kick practice, the latest designs deliver anti-corrosion benefits, and they can be packed away in dedicated carry bags with the minimum of fuss.


Footballs are available in five main size categories, but it is also possible to buy mini footballs for specialised technique work. The game of futsal is growing increasingly popular throughout the UK, as it gives players the opportunity to develop control, touch and advanced skills with a much smaller ball. If the development of technique is one of your priorities, having some futsal balls in your inventory is a great idea.

Speed and agility items

Developing a player’s speed and agility takes lots of hard work and weekly repetition. In order to set up the training sessions that will improve player speed and agility, you will also need a range of handy tools. For instance, speed and agility hurdles can get your players running and jumping in very specific training drills. Bounce-back hurdles will automatically return to their standing position when they’re knocked over by trailing feet. Speed and agility ladders are ideal for working on foot speed and coordination, while slalom pole sets are ideal for the development of lateral movement and lower-body strength.

Cones and markers

In order to set very specific areas for training matches and drills, you will need training cones and markers that are both highly visible and durable. Football marker cones are available in sets of 50, and they feature five different colours to give you options when setting up your drills. You can ensure the safety of your players by selecting markers made from pliable plastic, which will also mean they can be kicked about without cracking or breaking. You might prefer to use coloured cones instead. They perform a very similar function, but their added height improves visibility.

Coloured bibs

Playing practice matches is a very important part of getting footballers ready for competitive action. However, it’s important to be able to divide players into teams and get matches started as quickly as possible, which is why every coach’s equipment inventory should include a set of high-vis training bibs. Available in a range of colours, a set of durable, high-quality bibs can be bought in a range of sizes – including for under-7s.


Rebounders are very useful at developing passing and technical skills with both feet. They are usually an A-frame with an elasticated net, which allows players to kick the ball and receive it back without the involvement of a second person. They are available in a range of sizes, as well as options that deliver unpredictable rebounds. This is the perfect training tool if you’re trying to coach players to use their weaker foot more effectively.

Strength and resistance equipment

Strength and resistance training is a relatively new facet of amateur football coaching. It involves the conditioning of key muscle groups that are essential for balance and strength. Increased balance can improve almost every aspect of a player’s game, and strength is often the key to protecting the ball or winning it back from the opposition. Medicine balls are ideal for building upper-body strength in the arms and shoulders. Resistance trainers are also very effective in improving core-body strength, while leg toners and power speed resisters are ideal for building lower-body strength in the calves and thighs.

The modern game requires a professional approach to training if players are to truly fulfil their potential. By having a well-stocked inventory of high-quality equipment at your disposal, you’ll be able to maximise the potential of all your players.