A set of football goals supplied by The Soccer Store were featured on this week's Gadget Show.
The training goal posts were used on the tests to see if a ball could go supersonic.
The record speed for a human kick is 80.1mph and the goals easily withstood this at close range.
The Gadget Show team used an air cannon to propel the ball to 119.03mph and again the training football goals easily withstood this.
All of this shows that The Soccer Stores Training Goal really are a tough set of goals. They are priced from just £65 per goal for the 8 x 6 goals and are also available in the 12 x 6 size. The goals come complete with nets, clips and even a carry bag for storage or to load the goals up and take them down the park. As with all of the goal posts sold by The Soccer Store the goal comes with a full years guarantee.
The training goals are recommended for garden or training use and can be used by children and adults.