Do you ever struggle to find the time to work out at the gym? Don’t worry, as you’re certainly not alone. Simply getting to and from the local gym can take precious time you may not have. But with the right equipment, you can bring the gym to your home.

Iron Gym strength and fitness equipment allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home - without the need to spend a fortune on traditional gym equipment. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just someone getting started, these innovative items of equipment are effective and very easy to use.

The Adjustable Door Gym Pull Up Bar

Pull-ups can work a range of muscle groups, including those in the arms, abdomen and back. With the Adjustable Door Gym Pull Up Bar, you can do your daily pull-ups anywhere in your home. Thanks to an innovative, adjustable design, this particular piece of fitness equipment can be adapted to any door frame.

Exercises with the Adjustable Door Gym Pull Up Bar

Pull-Ups - Simple but effective, pull-ups work the abs, biceps, triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders. Grip the bar with your arms a shoulder’s width apart and your palms facing away from you. Pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar, then slowly return to your starting position.

Toes-Above-Bar - Hanging from the bar, bring your legs up slowly until your feet touch the bar. Slowly lower your feet to their original position.

Speed Abs

Speed abs are exceptionally simple pieces of equipment, but they need to be durable and hard-wearing - two things you’re guaranteed from Iron Gym Speed Abs. If you want to develop a great six pack at home, this is a great piece of equipment to have in your fitness arsenal. It will also give your shoulders, biceps and triceps a great workout.

How to use Speed Abs

Hold the Speed Abs roller with both hands whilst kneeling on the floor. You should be on all fours, with your upper-body weight being supported by the Speed Abs roller. Slowly roll the ab roller forward, until your body is straight - but just above the ground. You should breathe in whilst rolling out. After a short pause, start pulling yourself back into your original position whilst breathing out.

Trigger Point Roller

After a strenuous workout, it’s important to stretch and recuperate. The Trigger Point Roller is great at soothing aching muscles and accelerating the recovery of your muscles after rigorous exercise. Regularly using the Trigger Point Roller before and after your workouts can also help to prevent injuries.

The quadriceps roll with the Trigger Point Roller

There are several ways you can use the Trigger Point Roller to give your weary muscles some relief. One of the easiest is the quadriceps roll. Place the roller under your thighs, and your hands firmly on the floor. Gently roll back and forth so the most sensitive areas of muscles get the therapeutic attention they need.

Push-Up Rotating Grips

The Iron Gym Push-Up Rotating Grips are durable and highly mobile, meaning you can enjoy rigorous workouts anywhere in your home - and strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, back and abs in the process.

How to use Push-Up Rotating Grips

Clear a large area in your home, and place the grips on the ground - just a little more than a shoulder’s width apart. Grab both handles and assume the position for a push-up. Make sure your toes are digging into the ground. Push yourself up - whilst keeping your back straight - until your arms are completely extended. Whilst rising, rotate the grips until your knuckles are facing forwards.

Maintaining a slow and controlled motion, lower your body to the floor by bending your elbows - but making sure your back remains straight. As you lower yourself, you should be rotating the bars so that your knuckles face outwards. You should breathe in whilst lowering yourself, and breathe out whilst rising.

There’s no need to spend thousands on sophisticated gym equipment for your home when you can get the same results at a fraction of the price. The Iron Gym range brings the gym to you, so you never have to miss a workout ever again.