Buying a new football can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting. Not all footballs are the same. 

Take the Size 5 football, for example. It’s the professional football for under-15s and older. If you’ve ever watched a Premier League match, you have seen this ball in action. 

But what is different about the Size 5? Does it really matter if you buy a Size 4? We’re about to break down everything you need to know about the world’s most popular football.

What Size Are Size 5 Footballs?

Size 5 footballs are the largest on the market, and they’re used for all professional competitions. They’re considerably bigger than Size 3 and Size 4 balls, and they’re used for official matches and training sessions. 

How Big Are Size 5 Footballs?

A Size 5 football must weigh between 410g and 450g. It must also have a circumference of between 68cm and 70cm. A football that strays even slightly beyond these measurements is not a Size 5 football. 

All players aged 14 and over should be training and playing with this ball.

What Age Groups Should Use Size 5 Footballs?

Suitable for under-15s and older, the Size 5 ball is designed for adults. All FA-affiliated teams must use this ball. It’s also the standard football for UEFA and FIFA competitions.

Occasionally, adult players will be asked to play with smaller balls. Size 3 and Size 4 footballs help players to develop control and technique. And they’re used in indoor, short-sided versions of the game such as futsal.

Put simply, if you’re 14 years of age or older, you should be playing — and doing most of your training — with a Size 5 football.

What Size 5 Football Brand Should I Buy?

One of the most respected and popular football brands in the world is Mitre. This famous sports brand is synonymous with quality and longevity, and it has an illustrious history within the beautiful game. 

The Mitre football has been around since 1817, and it’s still going strong at every level of the game today. The current Football League ball is the Mitre Delta Max Pro, which has a 14-panel design for consistency of speed and flight. 

Precision is a relatively new football brand that has grown in popularity recently. They’re great value for money, yet they offer both quality and longevity. 

Popular Size 5 Footballs from History

The most famous Size 5 balls are usually associated with iconic competitions and moments in history. Take the Adidas Telstar, for instance. The official football of the 1970 World Cup featured a simple, black and white design with hexagonal panels. Although the ball was made from pure leather, it was ahead of its time. It’s also the ball that gave Pele some of his most glorious World Cup moments. 

Another memorable football from the annals of history is the Mitre Pro Max from 1992. This is the ball that launched the English Premier League back in 1992. The famous “arrow” design was made famous by the likes of Shearer and Cantona. But it was Brian Deane of Sheffield United who became the first player to score a goal with this iconic ball. 

One of the most popular Size 5 balls of all time was the Adidas Tango Durlast — made famous during the 1978 World Cup. This ball set the standard for more than a decade after it made its debut in Argentina. It also became, at the time, the most popular replica football of all time. 

How Do FIFA Test Size 5 Footballs?

To ensure every Size 5 football reaches the highest possible standards, it’s subject to the FIFA Quality Programme. Based on the quality of the final product, FIFA stamps it with one of three certifications: FIFA Quality Pro, FIFA Quality and IMS (International Match Standard).

After a series of seven stress tests, a football is either approved for certification by FIFA or rejected. Only quality manufacturers using the latest production techniques — such as Mitre — are capable of making balls that reach the required standards. To ensure you’re buying a quality product, always look for the FIFA seal of approval.

If you’re in the market for a Size 5 football, you’ll find a great selection at The Soccer Store. For a great all-rounder, take a look at the Mitre Ultimatch football. And for the training ground, the Mitre Calcio Max has everything you could need from a ball.