Garden football

If you have a reasonably large garden, you have a great opportunity to hone your football skills at any time. As long as you have a few essential items of football equipment and you’re willing to put the hard work in, you could be playing short-sided games and kickabouts later today!

Here’s our brief guide on how to set up a football pitch in a garden. 

Assess the Available Space

Begin by evaluating the available space in your garden to determine the best location for your football pitch. Look for an area that is flat and offers enough room for the pitch dimensions. You’re not setting up a regulation-size pitch, but you’ll still need enough space to enjoy the fundamentals.

Grass, patio or concrete should be OK. You’ll be using football cones and markers instead of paint to define the playing area, so it’s not a big issue. 

Consider Drainage

Adequate drainage is crucial for maintaining a playable surface. Assess the natural drainage of the area and consider implementing drainage solutions if necessary to prevent waterlogging.

Check for Obstacles

Identify any potential obstacles in the area, such as trees, shrubs or structures, that may interfere with the layout or use of the football pitch. Clearing or relocating obstacles may be necessary to create a safe and functional playing surface.

Clear Debris

Begin by removing any debris, rocks, or vegetation from the designated area where the football pitch will be constructed. Clearing the surface ensures a safe and obstacle-free playing environment.

Set the Pitch Boundaries

You can use paint or chalk to mark your garden football pitch if you need to. However, why mess up your patio or lawn when you can just use football markers or cones instead? 

Outline the goal lines, penalty area, and centre circle. Prioritise maximising the available space rather than worrying about pitch dimensions. This is all about having fun and improving your game — you won’t be hosting league matches in your garden. 

Add Your Football Accessories

Now that you’ve set your garden pitch’s boundaries, the fun stuff can begin — adding goalposts and a few other quality football accessories!

Football Goals

Start by choosing portable goalposts that are appropriate for the size of your garden football pitch. If you choose a portable option, you can keep your garden multipurpose — perfect if you like to entertain or barbecue outside during the warmer months. 

When it comes to choosing football goalposts for your garden, think about convenience, easy storage and speed. Popup football goals are perfect for small spaces. An aluminium folding football goal provides the perfect balance of sturdiness and portability. And if you really want to push the boat out, choose a durable, high-performance Samba portable football goal. 

Securely anchor goalposts to the ground using ground anchors, pegs or weights if you’re directed to by the manufacturer. However, many of today’s portable goals don’t require permanent or semi-permanent anchoring. 

Use a hammer for ground pegs and cable ties or net clips to attach the net securely to the goal.


As this is only a garden football pitch for friendly games, you shouldn’t worry too much about football nets. Opt for a product that comes with a net already attached. 

Tip: There’s an entire page dedicated to garden football goals on The Soccer Store website. 

Consider adding netting behind the goals to prevent balls from flying out of the garden and becoming lost or causing damage. 

Optional Accessories

Want to create a more professional setting? Have some fun by adding a few high-quality items to your garden football pitch.

Corner Flags

Corner flags can help you define your pitch, but they can also aid visibility for nighttime kickabouts. 

Benches or Seating Areas

Installing benches or seating areas provides comfort and convenience for players and spectators alike during matches and training sessions. And they can double up as functional garden seating for outdoor get-togethers and barbecues. 

Garden Football Pitch Maintenance

Maintaining garden football pitches is much like maintaining a lawn. But if you have a patio or a concrete yard, maintenance will be minimal. 

Grass Surfaces

Regular mowing ensures an even surface and encourages healthy growth, and proper watering is essential to keep the grass hydrated and vibrant.

When you kick up a lump of grass, replace it immediately. And give your lawn time to recover at least twice a year. 

Artificial Turf

If you’re extra serious about installing a permanent football pitch in your garden, opting for astroturf might make economic sense if you’re in this for the long run. Brushing and grooming help prevent matting and maintain the turf's appearance and performance.

Start Your Garden Football Pitch Today

Stock up on football equipment essentials at The Soccer Store today, and you could be enjoying a friendly kickaround in your garden by the end of the week!