The footballs used in organised games are graded in different sizes to suit different age groups.

It makes sense that the ball that a young player would use will not be the same size as an adult. The size and weight of a ball are set out in the FA guidelines and followed by leagues and schools throughout the UK.

How Big Is A Size 4 Football?

A size 4 football measures between 63.5 and 66cm in circumference and should weigh between 340 and 390g.

When pumping up a size 4 football Mitre recommend that they should be inflated to a pressure of 6-8 psi (0.42 – 0.56 bar) for training balls and 7-10 psi (0.49 – 0.70 bar) for match balls. A good quality football will have the recommended pressure stamped on the ball next to the inflation valve.

The valves on modern footballs are quite small and can be damaged by over enthusiastic coaches, so always take care when inflating a ball. Moisten the needle and push it into the valve carefully.

What Age Group Would Use A Size 4 Football?

Size 4 balls are recommended for age groups 9 to 14.

You will need to seek out a specialist football supplier like The Soccer Store to purchase a size 4 football as these are not sold by the high street stores, who fail to recognise any size other than the adult size 5 balls.

Using the correct size ball will help you to improve your skills, ball control and shooting so it is worth spending a little time finding a reputable football supplier.

The brands to look out for are Mitre, Nike, Adidas, Precision, Molten and Joma. Of these suppliers Mitre are the most recognised in the UK, catering for grass roots football with their comprehensive range of training and match balls.

Over the last 10 years the quality of these balls has improved infinitely to a point where the entry level ball is now better than the highest level match ball was 10 years ago. If you look after them and keep them out of the thorn bushes they should last for years.

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