Buying a Christmas gift for a grassroots football player this year? If so, why not give them the gift of skill? Yes, you can play your part in that person’s footballing development by putting one of these exciting football training gifts in their stocking this year.

Whether you’re buying for a child or a regular Sunday league player, these quality items are perfect for honing the most critical football skills.

Samba Football Goals

Samba is a globally renowned football goal brand that has a reputation for excellence. These are some of the best mobile goals on the market, and they’re guaranteed to deliver many years of faithful service.

Samba goals are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. So, whether you’re looking for something for the garden or full-size goals for an adult pitch, all your bases are covered. Take a tour of the Premier League’s top academies, and you’ll see Samba goals in action. And if they’re good enough for the best elite players in the game, they’re good enough for anyone.

But why are Samba goals so special? Well, they’re made with high-impact uPVC for a start. This means they can take a huge amount of punishment — from both players and the elements — and still look as good as new. They’re also portable, easy to assemble and easy to take down and pack away. From the low price of just £53.95, Samba goals are exceptional value for money.

Shooting Targets

If you’re looking for a complementary purchase to go with your new Samba goal, look no further than a shooting target. Made specifically for Samba’s extensive range of products, these shooting targets are perfect for fine-tuning shooting skills on the training pitch. They can be attached to the posts in seconds, and taken down even more quickly.

There are several different types of target to choose from, but Samba’s set of two is particularly useful for ad hoc sessions. And because they’re attached with Velcro straps, they couldn’t be easier to attach.

Diamond Free Kick Mannequins

A huge part of shooting involves dead-ball situations. Striking the ball from a stationary position is an art in itself, and requires hours of practice on the training pitch. Of you’re shooting for goal, you’ll probably want a little curve on the ball, as well as a lot of dip. And achieving both when there’s a wall of defenders to clear is tricky.

These mini football mannequins allow these common free-kick scenarios to be recreated on the training pitch in seconds. They’re driven into the earth with steel spikes, providing a sturdy line of defence. And at just four feet tall, they’re perfect for children’s football.

A Football Rebounder

Developing touch and control requires hours of practice on the training pitch. And to make things as realistic as possible, players need to react to balls coming at them at various speeds — and from several different directions.

The Crazy Catch Upstart Classic Rebounder, for example, features two elasticated rebound nets. One is for predictable bounces, and the other delivers unpredictable balls. Small, lightweight and versatile, this particular football rebounder comes with its own carry bag, a ball, a timer, an activity pack and a scoreboard.

Football Training Equipment Pack

An enjoyable and effective football training session requires a range of equipment — most of which is provided by clubs. However, if that special someone in your life wants to continue their training throughout the Christmas period, they’re going to need some equipment of their own.

This football training equipment pack comes completes with sprinting hurdles, a speed ladder and marker cones. Everything comes in a dedicated carry bag, meaning the lucky recipient can work on their strength, power and speed wherever they are.

A Football Used by the Professionals

For an extra special gift this Christmas, why not buy that special someone the match ball used in all EFL league and cup competitions? Complete with the FIFA Quality seal, the Mitre Delta Max football has a laminated power bladder for better shape retention. And Hyperseam technology ensures the ball is almost 100% water-resistant. This ball is used in professional football matches every week, and it’s available right now with free delivery.

A Football Kit Bag

Every footballer needs a strong and sturdy kit bag they can rely on. These bags are a tool of the trade, and must be durable enough to withstand lots of punishment if they’re to last an entire season. The Diamond Kit Bag is up to the job. Its tough Nylon exterior is perfect for withstanding regular use and the elements. It features a heavy-duty zip, a shoulder strap and handles on either side. You’ll get your strip, your boots and a few accessories (including water bottles) in this bag with room to spare. 

Treat that special someone to a football training gift this Christmas — and help them to improve their game.