What do you buy the little football lover in your life who has it all? If you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas for a young grassroots footballer, we’ve got you covered. 

We have a huge range of football equipment, training gear and matchday products — everything young players could ever wish for on Christmas morning.

While we have hundreds of premium football-related gifts at The Soccer Store, here are seven options to give you some inspiration this festive season. 

1. Portable Football Goals

Kids love nothing more than to rip open their presents on Christmas morning and give them a try. And what better way to start the day than with a festive kickabout in the garden? Of course, you’ll need two portable football goals if you want to do it properly. 

Fortunately, The Soccer Store is home to one of the UK’s largest selections of portable football goals — engineered to perfection by big brands such as Samba, PROGOAL and Bazooka. Here are a few options to get you started. 

PROGOAL 4ft Square Pop-up Goals - Pair: A set of two pop-up goals measuring 4 square feet, designed for quick and easy setup. These goals are ideal for impromptu matches or training sessions.

PROGOAL Portable Football Goal 12ft x 6ft: This goal measures 12 feet by 6 feet, perfect for large gardens and parks. This durable goal is designed for both match play and training,  and it’s suitable for various versions of the game and age groups​​.

Samba 6ft x 4ft Football Goal - Locking Model: This goal features a locking mechanism for added stability and measures 6 feet by 4 feet, which makes it suitable for garden play and training sessions​​.

Samba 3M x 2M Futsal Match Goal: Specifically designed for Futsal, this goal measures 3 meters by 2 meters. It’s ideal for competitive Futsal matches and training​​.

Bazooka Goal XL 150 x 90cm: The Bazooka Goal XL is larger, measuring 150cm by 90cm. This lightweight, versatile football goal is designed for portability and quick setup, making it suitable for smaller-sided games and training in limited spaces​

2. Match and Training Footballs

You can’t have a Christmas morning kickabout in the garden or local park without a quality football. Luckily for you, we’ve got a huge selection of premium products at The Soccer Store — from leading manufacturers such as Mitre and Precision.

Training Footballs

Designed for regular and rigorous use, balls made by Mitre and Precision deliver consistent performance. The Mitre Impel range makes the perfect Christmas gift, although you might need to come up with some creative gift-wrapping ideas to keep the secret!

  • Impel with soft-touch foam backing.
  • Mid-Level Impel Plus with a durable PU outer.
  • Impel Max with Hyperseam Technology to minimise water ingress.

Match Footballs

These are developed for enhanced performance and consistency in matches, ideal for grassroots football clubs. The Mitre Ultimatch range is very popular right now and is available in three quality levels — all featuring near-zero water absorption due to Hyperseam Technology.

Pro Match Footballs

Mitre Ultimax balls deliver the perfect combination of performance and durability, thanks to Hyperseam Technology. These balls are suitable for professional matches and come in different levels of quality, including the FIFA Pro Quality-accredited Ultimax Pro, which features Hyperflow grooves for improved in-flight performance. 

Specialist Footballs

For indoor games, choose a dedicated football such as the Mitre Ultimatch Indoor Football, perfect for halls and astroturf. Slightly heavier, the Mitre Ultimatch Futsal Football is designed for close control, short passing and developing technique. 

3. Agility Ladders 

While your children probably won’t want to work on their footballing agility on Christmas Day, agility ladders are the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. 

They come in several lengths and are ideal for enhancing agility and foot speed. Highly versatile, they can be arranged in various ways, allowing children to mix things up on the training pitch. They're particularly useful for athletes looking to improve their quickness and footwork in sports scenarios.

4. Rebounders

Perfect for a little Christmas morning fun, rebounders are small, lightweight and highly portable. Whether you’re using them in a small yard or the front garden, they’re perfect for enjoying football fun at home or working on touch, control and passing. 

Rebounders at The Soccer Store come in a range of sizes. There’s even a handheld option for goalkeeper training. 

5. Resistance Parachutes

Come January, your children will probably want to work off their Christmas treats and get back into match condition. To help them do this, why not give them the gift of strength and conditioning? 

Designed for older children, these durable parachutes add resistance while running — boosting strength and stamina. This is great for honing running techniques and general athletic fitness, making them an integral part of advanced training.

6. Jumping Ropes

If it works for Rocky, it should work for your children. While you might want to keep skipping to a minimum on Christmas morning, a set of jumping ropes offers a simple route back to fitness after the festive season. 

Jumping ropes are an important tool in football training, as they’re very effective at improving coordination and cardiovascular health. They're simple, effective easy to use just about anywhere. 

7. Football Kit Bags

A new year is a new start for many grassroots footballers, so why not give your child a new football kit bag to mark the occasion? Made by premium brands such as Mitre and GM, football kit bags at The Soccer Store are made to last. 

The right football kit bag provides ample space and multiple compartments for organising and transporting gear, including boots, shin guards, jerseys and water bottles, Choose a bag with ventilated sections for airing out damp or dirty items. Also, choose something that’s durable and easy to wipe clean. 

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