1. To be the best you can in football you need to practice, practice and practice more. To do this you will need a set of football goals in your garden. Mo Salah did not become the striking sensation that he is without hours of shooting practice on front of goal.We take a look at the best options for your garden  and pick out our top 10 best football goals. Each set of goal posts offer something different in terms of usability and they are not just for kids either!
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  3. The 10 best football goals for 2021.
  4. • Samba Locking Football Goals
    • Bazooka Goals
    • Bownet Portable Goal
    • Quickplay Kickster Goal
    • MH Garden Goal
    • Diamond Pop Up Goal
    • Samba Match Goal
    • Samba Aluminium Folding Goal
    • Samba Fold-a-Goal
    • Jumpers for Goalposts!
    1. Samba Locking Football Goals

      Best overall goal
      Samba have been manufacturing football goals in the UK for over 20 years. They were the first to offer a truly portable football goal and continue to be the front-runner. Their goals are still made in the UK and are the most popular choice for Schools, Football Clubs and Garden users.
      As the name suggest the locking goal has the original Samba locking system incorporated which allows all of the parts to be locked together, ensuring that the goal stays together during play.
      There is a choice of 4 sizes in this range from 6 x 4 to 12 x 6ft. The high impact UPVC construction make these goal posts tough enough to withstand the hardest of shots but light enough to be portable. They have a one-year guarantee but should last you for years.

  1. Bazooka Goals

    Best goal for coaches
    The Bazooka Goals are the world’s first solid frame pop up goal. The innovative design incorporates a no-fuss, patented folding-function enabling the goal to be put up in seconds. There are no loose parts to worry about and the net becomes the carrying bag. A unique safety feature on the goal is the integrated spring-coil system which allows the crossbar to collapse when run into preventing young players from being injured.The Bazooka Goal is a favourite among football coaches and is used at Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton, Reading, Ajax, Olympiacosas as well as the Barcelona Soccer Camps.

  1. Bownet Goals

    Best Portable Goal
    The Founder of Bownet Goals, Jack Lucas was living and coaching football in California in 2002 where he got fed up with using and wearing out the traditional half-moon type pop up goals. He realised that there was a need for something more durable and hard wearing and so came up with the innovative idea for the Bownet Goals. The Bownet Goals are now popular worldwide and although there are now a lot of cheap copies of these goals the Bownets far outshine these in terms of quality. These goals can be set up in under a minute and taken down just as quickly giving you more time to practice your skills and shooting technique in your quest to become the next Ronaldo or Messi. There are a number of sizes in the Bownet range. And they can be used on all surfaces.

  1. Quickplay Kickster Academy Goals

    Best goal for innovation
    The Kickster Goal range was launched over 10 years ago by two Product Design graduates from Sheffield Hallam University. Their product range has continued to grow ever since.
    The Kickster Academy is the standard level goal designed for use at home or on the training ground. The goals can be assembled in a couple of minutes and offer a great solution for those who do not want to turn their garden into a mini Wembley Stadium.

  2. MH Garden Football Goal

    Best Top End Goal
    If you take your football seriously then the MH Garden Goals are the perfect goal for you.
    They are constructed from 80mm diameter powder-coated aluminium so your garden will look like a Premier League training facility.
    Unlike like cheaper goals that we came across in this category that use 60mm aluminium and two piece crossbars these goals have welded corners and a one-piece cross bar so they will take your hardest free kick and will certainly stand the test of time.
    These goals can be left on your mini training ground all year as all the posts and frame supports are all treated to be rust proof.
    They are supplied with match quality nets and steel ground anchors.

  1. Diamond Pop Up Goal

    Best Pop-Up-Goal
    Pop-Up-Goals have been around for years. The only challenging thing about them is how to fold them up. It’s easy when you know how! These Diamond Goals are available in two sizes, 4ft and 6ft. The goal sizes are measured across the base.
    They can be used anywhere and are great for a game down the beach or in the park. They are light and easy to transport in the bag supplied. The price shown in for a pair of goals so they offer good value for your money.

    1. Samba Match Goal

      Best for FA Mini Soccer Matches.
      The Samba Match Goals are the top of the range offering from Samba Sports. They are the most popular goal for Mini Soccer matches and School games. The Samba Match Goal range is available in a number of sizes from 5 x 4ft to 16 x 7ft. The most popular sizes being the 12 x 6 Match Goal which is used for Mini Soccer 7-a-side games and the 16 x 7 Match Goal which is used for 9-a-side games.
      There are a couple of main differences between the Samba Match Goals and their Locking Goals. Firstly, they run back deeper at the bottom making them sturdier and less likely to move around if you hit them with a powerful shot, secondly they have a roof to the goal making them look more like a proper goal and allowing you to blast the ball into the roof of the net!
      Although these football goals are used in Schools, Academies and Grass Root clubs they are equally at home in the gardens of future stars.

    1. Samba Aluminium Folding Goal

      Best for easy set up
      The Samba Aluminium Folding Goals can be set up in just 10 seconds making them the fastest and easiest to set up. They simply unfold and lock into place. Taking them down is just as easy and once folded flat they can be stored away in your garden shed.
      The goals are made from 50mm aluminium tubing which makes them very strong so they will take shot after shot. They are 5ft wide x 3ft high so quite small in size but make the perfect target goal for small gardens. The hinge on this goal is also made from aluminium (Beware of cheaper imitations of this goal that use a plastic hinge).
      The net supplied with the goal is removable so can be replaced if needed.
      A tough little goal that will stand up to years of use.

    1. Samba Folding Goal

      Best for those who want to store their goal away.
      The sides on these goals can be folded in after use enabling the goal to be folded flat. This is a great idea if you do not want a goal on your neatly manicured lawn 365 days of the year. The goal can be then stored in a shed or garage without the need to dismantle it completely and thus saving a time when you need to use the goal again. The Samba Folding Goal is supplied as a 12 x 6 goal, but can also be used as an 8 x 6 goal.

    Samba Fold a goal

    1. Jumpers for goalposts

      For those of us with good memories.
      Not so long ago we used jumpers (or Puma/Adidas tracksuit tops) for goal posts. The only real goals that kids had access to were the rusty steel football goals on council pitches. These would be taken down during the summer holiday, presumably to stop kids from having fun (or it could have been to let the grass grow back in the goal mouth crater). Anyway, the jumpers made great goals although there were plenty of arguments around whether the ball had gone over the imaginary cross bar or not. Happy days!

    So which are the best football goals?

    It depends what you are looking for. The best football goals are ones which suit your needs best.

    The Samba Goals are obviously the most popular. It’s hard not to pass a garden or school without seeing the Blue and Red Samba logo on a goal. They were the first real portable goals available although beware there are now many cheap copies of these.

    The Bownet and Kickster goals offer a truly portable goal which can be set up in seconds so these are ideal for those wishing to play a game further afield.

    For those with bigger budgets the MH Aluminium Goals will certainly transform your garden into a mini Camp Nou and maybe you into the next Lionel Messi?

    Whatever football goal you choose you will reap the benefits of being outside and the exercise that football offers, and who knows one day the fans might be chanting your name from the terraces!

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