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Which Samba Goal To Buy?

The Samba Goals have been around since 1993 now and there are still some original goals out. A few improvements have been made along the way but the design of the goals remains pretty much the same. There have been a lot of imitations in this time but none to match the quality of the ones made by Samba. The company is based in Colne, Lancashire and all of the goals are still made in the here in the UK. The Soccer Store are approved sellers of Samba Goals and offer a full no quibble 12 month guarantee. Have a look at our table below which should help you choose the right goal. Alternatively you can view the complete range of Samba Goals here..

Choosing the right size Samba goal depends on a number of factors as follows:

How much space do you have?

This is probably the number one question to consider. If you are limited for space there is no point in cramming in a 16 x 7 or 12 x 6 goal just because you want the largest size possible. We get a number of goals returned to us every month where customers have over-estimated the size of goal required.
The most popular size goal that is sold is the 12 x 6, but it will take up a bit of space. The goal will fit well into a garden of around 24 x 60ft. If you have more space then better still.
An 8 x 6 goal can be used where there is not quite so much space. An 8 x 4 goal can be used for target practice in a small family garden.

How old is the person using the goal?

The mini soccer game (7-a-side) is played by 6 to 11 year old in the UK and the goal size used for this game is 12 x 6ft. That is not to say that the goal cannot be used by older children. We sell a lot of these football goals to club and academies where they are used by youths and adults for practice games.
For the younger children we would recommend either a 6 x 4 or 8 x 4 Samba Goal. There is also the option of the 5 x 4 but we feel that the other two sizes are better proportioned. A 5 x 4 goal would be used where space is limited or the child is taking their first kicks of a ball.
The 9-a-side game introduced by the FA uses the 16 x 7 goal.

Locking or Non Locking Goals?

Some of the Samba Goals are available with a locking system. When the goal is assembled the joining pieces click and lock into place.
One part will have a button on a spring and the adjoining part a hole. As the two pieces are pushed together the button pops out of the hole and the parts lock together. The parts can easily be dismantled by simply pushing down the locking button.
The locking system is a great advantage when moving the goal around. Dragging the goal posts will not cause any of the parts to come adrift.
The locking system is not available on the Training Goals. 

What Type of Goal Do You Require?

We have 3 different types of Samba football goals as follows:

The Fun Goals

These are our own goals made for us by Samba. The design is exactly the same as the original Samba Goals apart from a recycled plastic is used in the manufacture thus saving a little on the cost. As a result the goal frame is not quite as bright white as the other Samba goals.
As with all of the Samba Goals they are guaranteed for 12 months.
They can be used as training goals or as garden goals.

The Original Samba Goals

These are the original design and have stood the test of time. They are available in the widest range of sizes and are all available with or without the locking system.
Because of the number of parts that make up a 16 x 7 goal we would recommend going for the locking system on this size.
The original Samba goals can be used as training goals or as garden goals.

The Samba Match Goals

The Match Goals are the FA recommended goals for league use. The main difference is the extended side panel making the goal deeper. The match goals all come with the locking system as standard.
The Goal sizes are as follows:

  • 8 x 4 Match – Junior 5-a-side
  • 12 x 4 Match – Five-a-side
  • 12 x 6 Match – Mini Soccer (seven-a-side)
  • 16 x 7 Match – 9-a-side
  • They can be used for League games or as garden goals.


Football GoalLocking UsePrice
Garden Training Match

Training Goals







6 x 4ft Fun Goal


  See Product Page 

8 x 4ft Fun Goal




See Product Page

8 x 6ft Fun Goal




See Product Page

12 x 6ft Fun Goal




See Product Page

The Original Samba Goals







6 x 4ft Samba Goal



See Product Page

8 x 4ft Home Goal




See Product Page

8 x 4ft Home Goal Locking



See Product Page

8 x 6ft Samba Goal




See Product Page

8 x 6ft Samba Goal Locking



See Product Page

12 x 6 Samba Goal Locking



See Product Page

16 x 7ft Samba Multi-Goal Locking



See Product Page

Samba Match Goals







5 x 4ft Samba Match Goal


See Product Page

8 x 4ft Samba Match Goal



See Product Page

2.5 x 1.5m Samba Match Goal



See Product Page

8 x 6 Samba Match Goal




See Product Page

12 x 4ft Samba Match Goal



See Product Page

12 x 6ft Samba Match Goal



See Product Page

16 x 7ft Samba Match Goal



See Product Page

All prices include vat and free delivery to UK Mainland* see terms


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